Shot to Hell is a dynamic, in your face rock ‘n roll band from Los Angeles. Emerging from the Rock ‘n Roll/Phsycobilly scene in Los Angeles/ Orange County in the late 90’s, the band struck a chord that echoed across many genres of music. Influenced by the wild men of the 50’s like Gene Vincent and Vince Taylor, the rebellious youth of late 70’s punk like the Clash and Generation X, and the raw power and feel of bands like Motorhead and GBH, Shot to Hell successfully combined these elements into a strong rock ‘n roll machine.

Decked out in leather and attitude, lead singer Brian (A.K.A Pimp), demands attention with his passionate performances. While Clint beats the drums like redheaded step children, Chris anchors the bottom end with a focused bass thunder. And the powerful guitar mayhem, provided by Mark, brings the whole mix to a boil. You can listen to the songs, but until you've seen Shot to Hell perform them live you've only got half of the package.
The anxiously awaited full-length album “Grand Finale” will be available in early 2003. A three song demo comprised of songs from the album, which is available at shows and is downloadable on the Shot to Hell website, has found excellent response from fans who keep asking for more.

Shot to Hell has been playing their asses off all over Southern California, and soon the nation. They have been fortunate enough to share the stage with the likes of: Beautiful Creatures, Exene (of X), Deadbolt, Betty Blowtorch, Blazing Haley, The Paladins, Los Infernos, Hellbound Hayride, Rosie Flores, and, yes, even Gene Loves Jezebel. Also, the band was featured in a showcase at The Joint, inside the Hard Rock Hotel, in Las Vegas as part of the 2000 Emerging Artists and Talent in Music Conference (EAT'M 2000).
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